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My Tulsi 20ml


My Tulsi drops benefits-Ayurvedic Tulsi Drops for Immunity

My Tulsi drops is a blessing of Ayurveda for all. It is a foundation (Base) of healthy life.

Tulsi drops is packed with strong anti-inflammatory properties that cure a variety of diseases and disorders.

Tulsi drops  enhances metabolism, lower stress levels in loud environments.

Tulsi drops  is very helpful in -stress removal, sexual problems, sleep problems, forgetfulness and exhaustion.

Tulsi drop essential oil has the ability to help fight free radical damage while protecting DNA structure and cells.

Tulsi drops has a profound effect on treatment and prevention of cardiovascular  diseases by means of lowering blood lipid content, suppressing ischemia and stroke,reducing hypertension, and also due to its higher antioxidant properties.

Tulsi drops extracts made from its leaves are thought to boost wound healing speedand strength. Holy basil is: antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal,anti-inflammatory, analgesic (a pain killer)

Tulsi drop makes ease inflammation and joint pain-As an adaptogen with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, holy basil provides all of these benefits. It caneven help people with arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Tulsi is known to have very strong anti- stress compounds and is great to help one quit smoking. It helps by lowering thestress that may be involved in trying to quit smoking.

Tulsi drop (Holy basil) is also high in antioxidants and helps your body detox. Studies showthat Tulsi-holy basil can protect your body against toxic chemicals. It mayalso prevent cancer by reducing the growth of cancerous cells.

my Tulsi drops best tulsi drops in India- extracts made from its leaves are thought to boost wound healing speedand strength. It increases your wound breaking strength, healing time andcontraction.

Tulsi drops detoxifies the body and has diuretic properties. It decreases the level of uricacid in the body, which is the main reason why kidney stones are formed.

  • My Tulsi drops gives relief in cough, cold, malaria, fever, dengue, swine flu, throat infection, chest gliding, asthma, etc.
  • My Tulsi Panch Tulsi Drops makes a healthy respiratory system.
  • My Tulsi Panch Tulsi Drops increases immunity.
  • My Tulsi Panch Tulsi Drops is useful in diabetes.
  • My Tulsi Drops controls blood flow in heart.
  • My Tulsi Drops is a fully natural antibiotic.
  • My Tulsi Drops reduces stress.
  • My Tulsi Drops is good in Hepatitis.
  • My Tulsi Drops is beneficial for kidney stone.
  • My Tulsi Drops helps to quit smoking.
  • My Tulsi Drops is beneficial in rheumatism, tumor and hemorrhoids (Piles) disease.
  • My Tulsi Drops keeps hair and skin healthy.
  • My Tulsi Drops possesses anti-cancerous properties.
  • My Tulsi Panch Tulsi Drops gives relief in headache.
  • My Tulsi Drops strengthens the digestive system.
  • My Tulsi Drops is a solution for Joints pain, stomach worms and stomach disorders.
  • My Tulsi Drops has anti- aging properties.
  • My Tulsi Drops is beneficial in itching, ringworm and for other skin diseases.
  • My Tulsi Drops is boon for teeth and gums.
  • My Tulsi Drops is rich in Vitamin A and C.


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