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Neem Face Wash (150 ml)


Neem Face Wash

NatureDe Neem Face Wash is enriched with Aloe Vera and Neem extracts. It gives natural glow. Reducing pimples and acne, Improves skin texture and nourishes it with the essential nutrients.

Say goodbye to pimples with the NatureDe Neem Face Wash and feel young and free like before all over again.

Neem Face Wash Cleanses your skin. Neem Face Wash Removes Excess Oil and Impurities. Neem Face Wash Contains Purifying and Antibacterial Properties and Kills Problem-causing Bacteria.

Apart from having a lot of medicinal benefits, neem is known for its antibacterial functions that helps fight skin issues like acne, pimples and oily skin.

Neem Face Wash primarily works towards helping one get rid of irritating pimples and acne. Neem Face Wash is a soap-free formulation that cleans impurities and helps clear pimples.

Neem is an excellent remedy for treating oily skin and acne. It has been known to have potent antibacterial properties that can help get rid of acne as well as acne marks.

Include Neem Face Wash in your daily routine. it’s a regularly clearing acne, scars, pigmentation and blackheads agent. Neem Face Wash Lightens skin blemishes.

You can use it to cleanse the skin and revive the freshness on face naturally.

  • Neem Face Wash gives instant glow on the face.
  • Neem Face Wash helps to avoid nail-acne.
  • Neem Face Wash enhances the appearance.
  • Neem Face Wash removes skin scars.
  • Neem Face Wash prevents the repetition of acne.
  • Neem Face Wash eliminates the problem of pimple.
  • Neem Face Wash cleanses the pores.
  • Neem Face Wash removes dust from your face.
  • Neem Face Wash cleans the dead skin from face.
  • Neem Face Wash provides clean and vibrant looks.


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