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My stevia drops (200Drops)


Stevia is an Ayurvedic plant which is similar to Amrit in diabetes and obesity. According to experts Stevia works as a panacea in diabetes and obesity. The healthy digestive system neither cause enzymes in the body nor increases the amount of glucose. It can be used with tea, coffee and hot milk etc.

  • My Stevia is beneficial for people suffering from diabetes and obesity so that they can enjoy sweets.
  • My Stevia has natural sweetness.
  • My Stevia reduces calories.
  • My Stevia works to release insulin from Pancreas.
  • My Stevia effective in blood pressure.
  • My Stevia helps in hypertension, catarrh and gum diseases.
  • My Stevia is beneficial in gas, abdominal irritation, skin diseases and facial wrinkles.
  • My Stevia is also beneficial for heart patients.
  • My Stevia has anti-viral & anti-bacterial properties.
  • My Stevia is a boon for sugar patients.


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