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Henna 100 g


Henna benefits for hair-how to use henna

NatureDe Henna Pack is a mixture of different Ayurvedic herbs Cationic Henna, Brahmi, Bhringraj, Nimbuka, Nimba, Japa, Amalika and Menthi, which gives a different definition of hair. It is an incredible hair and scalp conditioning product.

Directions of Usages: 

Dump Henna Powder in a bowl and mix with water or tea dictation. Make it as a paste and leave it for the whole night.

Put on your gloves and start applying the henna. Start at the top and take a very small partition of your hair.

Apply henna just to the roots and skin closest to the partition of hair. Use a lot of henna and a thick application.

Start with the roots and apply to the remaining length of hair as you are winding it.

Carefully remove the layer and clean it thoroughly.

  • NatureDe Henna Pack helps to retain the hair colour.
  • NatureDe Henna Pack helps to look younger.
  • NatureDe Henna Pack helps to get comfort in stress.
  • NatureDe Henna Pack gives shiny, soft, long, and thick hair.
  • NatureDe Henna Pack helps to develop new shiny and strong hair.
  • NatureDe Henna Pack helps in preventing the formation of dandruff.
  • NatureDe Henna Pack is used for combating greasy and oily hair.
  • NatureDe Henna Pack regulates the sebum production of the scalp.


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