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Coriander powder 200g


Coriander powder

Magical for all yourintestinal issues including bloating, Gastric, Diarrhea, Nausea, etc. it helpsin reducing bad cholesterol and promotes good cholesterol in the body, TreatsDiabetics, Improves Hair and Skin Quality.

Coriander seeds benefits-promotedigestion and gut health. Coriander may reduce unpleasant digestive symptomslike bloating and discomfort often experienced by people with IBS. It may alsoboost appetite among some people.

Coriander is an herb that’s commonlyused to flavour international dishes. Rich in immune-boosting antioxidants.

Coriander benefit for hearthealth-Coriander extract appears to act as a diuretic, helping your body flushexcess sodium and water. This may lower your blood pressure.

Fight infections-Coriander containsantimicrobial compounds that may help fight certain infections and foodborne illnesses.Coriander help lower blood sugar.

Coriander protect brainhealth-Coriander’s anti-inflammatory properties may safeguard against -Parkinson’s,Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis.

Coriander seeds and leaves both comein handy for everyday cooking but offer very different flavours that determinetheir best uses


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