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Honey Amla 250g


Honey Amla

Honey amla candy can provide health benefits that can help to control blood sugar, cure daily cough and cold, strengthen the immune system etc.  Amla with honey is one of the effective treatments in aiding better digestion.  Amla and honey help in utilizing the insulin levels properly to help regulate blood sugar levels. As honey is a natural sweetener and amla is a cure for diabetes and other blood-related issues.

Amla Candy is a good source of vitamin C, iron and minerals, it helps to boost immunity, regulates metabolism, helps in hyper acidity, eye ailments, skin diseases, anemia and blood-related disorders.

Amla with honey is one of the effective treatments in aiding better digestion. This mixture produces better gastric juice to digest food properly and also stimulates your appetite. It boosts metabolism for faster digestion of food.

Most health experts also suggest eating amla or Indian gooseberries to manage blood sugar levels. Amla is known for its immunity-boosting properties and is known to be a great remedy for diabetes.

Amla and honey benefits in treating the symptoms of cold and cough and is a traditional medicine that every grandmother prepares at home. Honey is a natural moisturizer which can soothe a dry throat while Amla can fight infection-causing bacteria.

Amla is a true fighter and honey can support it like a wall and when consumed together no one can beat you with infection, and you will remain with a healthy body. Gooseberry with honey benefits in the prevention of many diseases and strengthens your immune system.

Amla and honey combination can cleanse your liver of toxins and help in better functioning. The mixture is proven to be effective against the prevention and cure of Jaundice by balancing the amounts of bile juice produced. The high amounts of antioxidants present in Amla and honey protect the liver from oxidative damage.

Amla is an excellent agent to support healthy hair growth. It reduces premature greying and also makes your hair shiny and beautiful. Honey gooseberry mixture, when applied to hair, can strengthen hair follicles and reduce dryness. It also stimulates hair growth to attain good volume.

One of the traditional remedies for treating symptoms of Asthma is Amla and Honey mixture. It is proven to be effective in controlling wheezing, production of phlegm and breathlessness. It also helps in cleansing your respiratory tract to allow the person to breathe better.

Benefits- best amla candy

  • Eat some Amla Candy daily, it is also food and medicine. Over use also causes no harm.


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