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Aglaonema plants


Plant or Animal Product Type Foliage
Colour Pink
Sunlight Exposure Partial Sun
Net Quantity 1.00 count
Expected Plant Height 10 Inches
Moisture Needs Moderate Watering

About this item

  • The Chinese Evergreen is one of the best live indoor plants if you have a contemporary interior décor. Pot the Aglaonema in chic pots that are synchronous with the décor and place these live plants on a side table, in the living room, reading room or any place where you need to break the monotony of your home decor.
  • The best place for the Chinese Evergreen is closer to a window. But this live plant will grow happily anywhere where it can get indirect low light in indoor spaces like bedroom, living room or shaded balcony gardens.
  • Aglaonema is a boy who likes low indoor light, so he’s happiest near a window. He does not like very cold climates or too much light so be mindful of that. It is a low maintenace plant so it is perfect to gift to beginners.
  • Propagation of Aglaonema is hassle free. They propagate through the cut off tip just like a stem tip cutting. Another method of propagation is through division but the plant needs to be older and root bound for that to work.
  • Chinese Evergreens are easy-going and it is sufficient to repot them once in 2 years. Use a good potting soil.


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